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RUS Broadband Mapping Tool

Welcome to the RUS Broadband Mapping Tool homepage! This tool serves two purposes. First, this tool will be used by those interested in applying for RUS broadband funding. This tool will also be used by RUS to post Public Notices of the proposed funded service areas (PFSA) for received broadband loan applications and can be used by existing service providers to submit information regarding their service offerings.

The Public Notice Filings (PNFs) will provide a 30-day period for existing service providers to submit information to RUS regarding their existing service offerings. RUS will post PNFs for all Broadband Loan Program applicants shortly after the applications are received. Providing a response is strictly voluntary. Existing service providers are not required to provide a response to any PNF, but must do so in order for their existing services to be considered when determining the eligibility of the PFSA identified in the associated application. Any respondent wishing to submit a Public Notice Response must do so through the RUS Broadband Mapping Tool. RUS will not accept paper submissions of responses; any paper submissions will be returned.

In order to use this tool to create a map of your PFSA or to file a response to a published PNF, you must register for an eAuthentication ID with Level 1 access.

* If using Internet Explorer, you may need to add http://* to your Trusted Sites to display map information layers. See Help for instructions on adding this to the Trusted Sites.

* Depending upon the browser/version used, you may need to modify your browser’s Internet settings in order to utilize the copy/paste to transfer data from this site. See Help for instructions on modifying Internet settings.

* Internet Explorer users may need to click on the Compatibility Mode in order to access the drop-down lists in the RUS Mapping Tool.

For assistance with this Mapping Tool website or if you experience technical difficulties, please contact the Broadband Division at 202-690-4673.

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