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Application Navigation Help


Layers/Legend: Allows users to access the display layers and the legend.

Tools**: Allows users to choose tools to draw and edit polygons, select areas, and view details of a selected area.

Select*: Allows the user to select a visible area of interest.

Service Area Details: Allows users to view the details of the currently selected area.

Help: Provides users with this help information.

(*) These buttons are only available on the Search Page. Please use the Select/Deselect buttons inside the Tools window while viewing/editing maps on other pages.

(**) Not available on Search Page.

Basemap Views

Various Basemaps
The Basemap views in the upper right-hand corner of the application allows users to switch between various basemaps that have been made available. To change the basemap, click on the current view and select the desired one from the dropdown list.

Map Navigation Help

Graphical Application Navigation

UI Navigation Panning: Users may pan the map using the arrows on the Navigation panwheel, located in the upper left-hand corner of the application. Clicking on the arrows will pan the map in the north / south / east / west direction.

Full extent: Clicking on the globe in the middle of the Navigation panwheel will zoom users back to the full extent of the map.

Zooming In/Out: Users may use the Zoom slider, located below the Navigation panwheel to zoom in and out on the map. Additionally, the plus and minus buttons located on the top and bottom of the Zoom slider may be used to zoom in and out on the map.

Mouse Navigation

Using the mouse
  • Drag the mouse to pan the map.
  • Hold down SHIFT and Click on the map to re-center at the clicked point.
  • Hold down SHIFT and Drag the mouse to zoom in on the map using a rubber band box.
  • Hold down SHIFT and CTRL and Drag the mouse to zoom out on the map using a rubber band box.
  • Mouse Wheel Forward to zoom in on the map.
  • Mouse Wheel Backward to zoom out on the map.
  • Double-Click the mouse to Center and Zoom in on the map at the clicked point.
Draw/Edit Service Area Help


Select a drawing tool from the buttons above by clicking on the button; this activates the particular tool. Next go to the area of the map that will have the Area of Interest (AOI) on it. Draw the point, line, or shape that is required.

It is important to click slowly so that the application properly registers each point/vertex that is clicked on the map.

The AOI can be erased from the map by clicking on the Delete button. Only one AOI can be drawn on the map at a time. The tool is active on the map as long as the Draw/Edit Service Area window is visible and active.

Access the Help Guide for more information.

1:0 1" = 0 miles
122x 22x 35.333x W 39x 22x 35.333x N
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